Monday, November 10, 2008

New Blog Address

You can find me now at I hope to see you there!

Monday, November 03, 2008

I have flown the coup...

Corny I know, but I am starting off November with fresh goals, and a big one is to blog a little more regularly. I am still on the fence about Blogspot or Typepad, but I have created this blog Lisa Call with Typepad.

Both services are very similar and I am trying my hardest to determine which one is easier. Blogspot is free and a lot easier to get to the HTML code, but I love the photo albums with Typepad so for now I am going with that.

I had thought about going with Lisa Marie Call, but my mother only uses that when I am in trouble and it was I have skipped over to TypePad. Stop on bye and let me know what you you have a preference - or My only little vote this week!

"The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit.” Nelson Henderson

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I know I has been a while, but trust me I think of posting often. I just have been running since I got back from Art & Soul. I didn't take any pictures, but it was soooo nice to see some of my former students, friends and meet all my new students. I drove home on Tuesday morning with the sun shining and my heart was full to the brim. These retreats create such joy, and I just love the energy my students create. Pure Enthusiasm! If you were in one of my classes and took a picture of your project and posted on a blog...send me a link I would love to see it.

Here is Marie's finished bracelet from my "Fusing" class.

What can I say...I love mary janes...fancy ones, comfy ones, sporty ones. I purchased these shoes on my one free day at Art & Soul...I was sad that the one class I signed up for was cancelled, but so excited to do a little shopping in Portland. I purchased these based purely on color. Hopefully they will be comfortable..Danskos are suppose to be good for your feet right? I saw a pair of georgeous blue boots in the shop window, but they made my feet look even larger than they already when I saw these...I had to have them. I am trying to save the economy one pair of shoes at a time. I can justify just about anything don't you think?

I am a mom first and foremost and everything on my schedule comes after that except for you Jeff! Soccer season is almost over and this was the first year of having both girls on official teams with games on the same day so it was a little crazier than normal. My oldest daughter's team will be in the play offs tomorrow and then we'll see if we have one more game. Then we are on to basketball.

So if you cruz the blogs and visit blogs that the owner posts regularly be sure and drop them a line saying how much you enjoy their blog...because they are all my heros. They make the time to connect with us and share their stories.

I'll post a little about ArtFiberFest and my new addiction soon!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Bead Show, Bunnies, and Chickens

So I have posted about this before, but I will post about it again...Bloglines is a life saver. You can add blogs you watch to your list and then check it to see if they had a post. If you read my blog and get irritated that I have not posted in a while, I strongly suggest you look into it. Instead of surfing all my favorite blogs to see if they have posted. I just go to my bloglines and can see a list...a very long list and then it indicates if they posted. I click on it and I can see the entire post or go to the site. How cool is that?

So I went to a the Seattle Bead Society bead show last weekend and got these lovely beads made by Cynthia Troops and Dan Adams. He makes the glass beads and then she puts the enamel on...aren't they wonderful? I got their late on the last day and you should have seen the other ones that had already been sold. To quote styalist Rachel Zoe..."I die". I sometimes get sucked into crazy reality shows...sometimes just because I can't believe people really behave that way. BUT I got to see some great stores with vintage dresses and lots of pretty accessories. So not a total waste of time.

When I returned from the bead show I found this little guy...isn't he cute? So what is a mom to do? I have got to be more specific when I leave the house for an extended period of time or who knows what I might find. I do think Jeff might be at his max capacity for pets, but I have made it perfectly clear that we are not getting a pygmy goat. I thought I was pretty clear about the bunny, but obviously not. Lucky for everyone he is soooo cute.

So here is the chicken house Jeff built...I think their original plans where to make it rather "barnish" and paint it red, but that was not my vision. I think it turned out now the chickens have a home with a nice dry run. Never mind there was a trip to the emergency room for the builder. I tell you things can be pretty comical around here.

Here are my we wait for eggs...just a couple more months. Can't wait to see Lilly's blue eggs.

I am sorry this post is all over the map...but I have started teaching at another local bead store and gearing up for Art & Soul in Portland and have had no time to blog and I hate to say that I probably won't be back for a couple weeks.

So wishing you peace for now.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What's on your Ipod?

So Jeff wanted to use my Ipod the other day while he was going to work out on his bike. I probably should have warned him that most of the songs are kind of mellow. Well after his work out he handed me my Ipod saying "none" of the music was upbeat. Can't imagine how he wasn't inpired to bike faster by the music from Pride and Prejudice.

I don't really workout to my Ipod...but after his comment I thought I would add some less dramatic music and this song makes me laugh and bop around the house like a school girl. My 12 year old didn't know what to think of this music...her eyes were wide like I had really lost my mind this time. Who doesn't like "The Love Shack"?

Monday, August 25, 2008

Finally back to blogging!

Summer is a crazy time around here. I have a camera card full of images to share, but just a few at a time for I have much to do now that summer is almost over and deadlines are looming.

I returned from a wonderful family will notice a ton of old faded rusty parts. My card was filled to the brim and most where close ups of items with great patina. Most people I am sure were wondering what on earth is that girl taking pictures of? I was up close and personal with rust. If you are reading probably understand.

There were many local towns with lots of rusty old equipment and memorabilia from years ago. Sad actually how things have changed in some of our farming communities in Eastern Washington. I love apple orchards! Not sure if it is the color or symmetry I am drawn to, but I would love an orchard. Then I could be a really farm girl. I'll have to share my chicken pictures another time for my little chicks are almost full grown now. Just like my girls...all too fast.

Here is one of the old town museums...actual buildings that exist in a practical ghost town.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dolls Dolls Dolls

I am on Ebay restriction for a while. I wanted to get a couple dolls to use in a couple of art projects and before I knew it I was in over my head. I set my max bid really high thinking no one will bid it up that high, and they did. So now they are keeping me company in the studio, but I will have to sell a few because I can't keep them all.

I have a mix of broken and perfect ones, but I love the ones with the imperfections. Kind of like us don't you think?

I have lots to report from the PMC conference, but that will have to wait until I have more time. Let's just say all the buzz was about the new Bronze Clay available now at Rio Grande. It is far more affodable than PMC and some georgeous patinas. I have already sketched out many new designs...using the two metals and can't wait to get to work.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
-Eleanor Roosevelt

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

PMC Conference

I am leaving tomorrow for the PMC Conference. I am so excited to see new tools and the new Bronze Clay. I'll be sure to report back any new tools when I return.

Friday, July 04, 2008

I am working on updating my blog and my website...both have been on my "to do" list for a long time. So I am writing it...thinking it...believing that I will make time.

Also...I am also considering moving to Typepad. Anyone have any thoughts they would like to it worth it? Would it be easier to find me with my name instead of Sweet Petunia? I would love to hear your thoughts! If you see my profile you can see I am having a mid-blog crisis...LisaCallStudios...Something Silver...or TypePad LisaCall.Typepad.

“Have patience with all things, but chiefly have patience with yourself. Do not lose courage in considering your own imperfections, but instantly set about remedying them - every day begin the task anew.”

Saint Francis de Sales (1567-1622), Roman Catholic saint

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My new girls...

Summer is here and I often find myself wondering where has all my time gone? I have every intention of posting, but some how these long summer days are packed with projects and small adventures. Aren't my new girls cute...Lilly, Penny, Poppy, and Rosie. Now how I became a new mama chick is something of a mystery.

I think the chicken "craze" began at the Barn House antique sale set in a darling barn. I had both my darling petunia's with me and I told them they each could select an item from the sale. Lauren decided a big sea shell and Lindsey came back to saying. "I would like a chicken mama." Well of course that is not what I meant and we went home. Jeff and Lindsey then decided maybe a chicken would be a great idea...She had to do the research and then we would see. Well now we have chicks and hopefully in 5 months we'll have eggs.

Here is a little frame I purchased from the Farm Chicks event...put in a little fabric and nails to hang some necklaces for my Art & Soul vendor table. I purchased some other goodies, but I'll have to share those another time. And my favorite purchase was this bag from Barij...her stuff is gorgeous.

I'll leave you with some pictures from my garden...summer flowers always make me happy.

Monday, June 02, 2008

My first love was fabric!

Outside of drawing as a child...sewing was my first love. One of my very first jobs was working at House of Fabric, and I guess one could say it was the start of my fabric collection.

I have a closet full of fabric, and unfortunately not enough time to devote to sewing as I would like, but I still keep buying more fabric. I always smile when the sales person so kindly asks..."What are you going to make?" "Hmmm...I don't know, but it sure is pretty" a moth to flame. Funny how most people that work at a fabric stores smile and understand. For they too have a closet full of fabric.

This market bag is made from a pattern by the lovely Renee Plains. It is for my sweet petunia and so I used some of her favorite colors. Perfect for carrying her markers, coloring books, paper and books don't you think?

Don't you love this frame...all chippy and worn? I put a cork board in the center and added it to the studio wall. My new inspiration board. I purchased it along with many other goodies at the Barn House sale. I arrived to the event later in the afternoon, but still managed to get some goodies at great prices. So definitely an even to check out.

Monday is studio day for me, and I am off to work at my bench. Have a happy Monday!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Save Your Scrap!

I say this in all my classes, but if you work in silver or gold it is a good idea to save all your scrap. I keep a little jar on my desk and keep filling it up. When I am teaching I put all my little pieces in a baggie. A little over time adds up and I sent mine to Rio Grande last week...and got a phone call saying I was getting over $1,000. Let me just say I was pretty happy. Now results like this are not typical...I just have been saving mine for over 5 years and with the recent studio cleaning I decided to finally send it in.

I met a another artist who sent in scrap silver and old 14K gold jewelry to
Hoover and Strong and she got a nice little check. I haven't used them, but they are another option. Rio only gives you 75% of the value if you take a credit and 65% if you want a check. I am not sure what Hoover and Strong pay, but it is worth looking into.

So that is my your scrap! Who knows what silver prices will be when you have a little stash.

I'll share some pictures of my little trip to the Barn House opening another time, but here is a little creamer I purchased to hold flowers on my desk, and some of my roses have finally started to bloom...we are a little late with all the snain you know.

Have a lovely weekend!

Monday, May 19, 2008


...this was my fortune cookie on Friday. I couldn't believe it because a couple of hours earlier I had a conversation with Shari about balance while running errands instead of working in my studio. I thought the universe was telling me something.

What does balance feel like...would I recognize it? Sometimes I feel like I don't know I am balanced until I am out of balance. Is this sounding like jibberish to you too?

Do you see that shadow in the photo...the sun was out here in Washington, and we had 3 days of it. I soaked up as much as I could and even managed to get a little too much sun on my nose, but I did not care. It was heaven! Most people here in Washington begin to panic as soon as it gets over 75, but not me. I like it hot.

The garden is starting to bloom and everything is green. This is one of my favorite lilac bushes. It has a double flower and smells amazing...

“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” - Maya Angelou

Thursday, May 08, 2008

I'm late I'm late for a very important date....

This has been running through my head for days. I am just going to post a mish mash of what I have been up to. If you can't stand to read no further. There will be no editing on this post.

Below is a little jewelry box I created in a class with the talented Lisa Kaus. We had a lovely time in her home studio and everyone's creations were fabulous. I am going to put some little hooks or nails on the side and hang bracelets on the bottom tier too.

Here is the one nice day we had in was almost 80 degrees and I got my shorts and sandals out. Little did I know this would be the only nice day for a few weeks.

Then the "snain" began. Snain - snow mixed with rain. My girls came up with this word. As I kept repeating "it is rain mixed with snow" over and over again. We actually had more snow in April and I believe it was the latest it had ever snowed here. Mama was not a happy camper.

We headed off to the tulip festival as it got warmer, but let me tell you it was cold and those little drops on the tulips are not dew drops.

I was not about to let the weather hamper my plans to go to glass beach. Thanks to Nina who gave me tips on finding glass beach in Port Townsend. My daughter and I put on our running shoes and I loaded up on food and water to make the trek. It took us about an hour and 45 minutes to reach what seemed like an endless destination. We also couldn't resist bending over to pick up every little piece of glass and rock on the way. The return trip seemed a lot longer and even my little cross country runner was tuckered. She was carrying a pretty heavy pack(against my instructions), but they have to learn. I ended up carrying it the last hour and honestly I am surprised she lasted that long. It was HEAVY.

On our return we found this little broken egg. The most beautiful shade of blue...we placed it gently back, but now I wish I had kept a little piece.

Trip to the butterfly house at the Seattle Science Center...I got quite a few pictures before my battery died...but here is one for you today.

Now how can I leave you without a shot of shoes? The snaining has stopped and it has been nice enough to wear these once. It was a little cold, but the sun was out and I thought it might be my last chance for a while.

If you have a little sun to spare send it to Washington! Wishing you a peace and joy.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Beading with Pearls

I was thrilled to participate in this publication and it should be available in book stores soon. If you like pearls there are a variety of projects from beginner to advanced.

We have been having crazy weather this actually snowed last night and I think we broke the records here in Washington for the latest snow fall. Last Saturday we were at 80 degrees and then the following Sunday we dropped down to low 40's. So from sandals to boots in one day. I am hoping our typical spring weather will return soon. I'll share some pictures later of our trip to the tulip festival...rain mixed with snow made for a short day, but I did manage to get some lovely pictures.

Wishing you all sunshine!

Sunday, April 13, 2008


I often wonder to myself why is ArtFest so special, and one of the consistent feelings is connection. Connecting with people on different an artist, a friend, a mom, a person. People who can all see the beauty in an old thingamajig. No judging...just a few days immersed in art and fun.

Pictures from the journaling party at the beach cabin. Just a peak outside this window shows the beauty we are surrounded by during the event. Lots of fun and laughter and a new friend Heather who was drawing the most amazing picture in her journal.

A day spent with my friend Renee in Nina's class Gatherings. Oh...she can be so productive even when we are chatting and laughing. Hopefully she will post some pictures of her fabulous project. Nina's class sample was an amazing visual feast for the eyes. The texture and poetry of her work is breathtaking. If you ever get a chance to take a class with Nina, you won't be disappointed.

Candice, Keecia, Nina, and Julie
Do you see our big smiles? Yes, a class that was full to the brim with inspiration. I met these wonderful women at "ArtNest". Such talented women who are kind and open.

I can't wait to finish this journal I created in Nina's class. I opted to make a journal instead of a portfolio and need to find some vintage chocolate brown velevet ribbon to finish this up.

This sweet doll is from the always lovely Katie Kendrick. I just love how Katie's faces have such feeling. She is sitting on my writing desk.

And this lovely strawberry was a gift from my talented friend Renee. Not only is she a great traveling companion, but she makes wonderful patterns and is a very talented artist.

How I wish I could squeeze more hours in the day at ArtFest. So many people who I only got to briefly say hello as we rush about...ah but there is next year and blogland to keep in touch!

The view from the ferry as I head home. It looks a little gray, but the sun was shinning and my mind just full of memories I will cherish.