Saturday, May 24, 2008

Save Your Scrap!

I say this in all my classes, but if you work in silver or gold it is a good idea to save all your scrap. I keep a little jar on my desk and keep filling it up. When I am teaching I put all my little pieces in a baggie. A little over time adds up and I sent mine to Rio Grande last week...and got a phone call saying I was getting over $1,000. Let me just say I was pretty happy. Now results like this are not typical...I just have been saving mine for over 5 years and with the recent studio cleaning I decided to finally send it in.

I met a another artist who sent in scrap silver and old 14K gold jewelry to
Hoover and Strong and she got a nice little check. I haven't used them, but they are another option. Rio only gives you 75% of the value if you take a credit and 65% if you want a check. I am not sure what Hoover and Strong pay, but it is worth looking into.

So that is my your scrap! Who knows what silver prices will be when you have a little stash.

I'll share some pictures of my little trip to the Barn House opening another time, but here is a little creamer I purchased to hold flowers on my desk, and some of my roses have finally started to bloom...we are a little late with all the snain you know.

Have a lovely weekend!


edina said...

Wow on the silver redemption! Can't wait to hear about Barn House - wish it existed when I was still living there. Have a great holiday!

Maija said...

You are brilliant!

taylor said...

You are the winner of the blog give away. I'll send it to you this week. A picture of it is on my blog.
I bet Barn House was fun fun fun

Catherine Witherell said...

I've been saving mine for years now too. Soon I will send it in. Even if they keep 25% it is from the price of silver today, not when you bought it. You had saved quite a lot! Wow!


Shari said...

I didn't know you could send in your scrap to Rio Grande for cash! Cool tip, Lisa! Love the roses, too. If it's any consolation, I think we got your weather this past weekend!! Hugs, Shari

Jen Gabaldon said...

Hey Lisa! Just wanted to stop in and say Hello :)

Allegra Smith said...

Yes indeed, you said it and I have always done it and I think it is wonderful to save "scraps" in a "green" sort of way as well. However at the price of silver these days I am keeping my scraps and using them by melting them in the kiln and doing doo-das for my charms or whatever when I have enough or when I fire the kiln to do something else.

But yours is a sound advice and good to keep in mind for when things go back -if ever- to where we can afford to buy silver at a reasonable price. I love your roses and the container. Hope to see you soon, maybe in Portland? Hugs from here,