Saturday, September 20, 2008

Bead Show, Bunnies, and Chickens

So I have posted about this before, but I will post about it again...Bloglines is a life saver. You can add blogs you watch to your list and then check it to see if they had a post. If you read my blog and get irritated that I have not posted in a while, I strongly suggest you look into it. Instead of surfing all my favorite blogs to see if they have posted. I just go to my bloglines and can see a list...a very long list and then it indicates if they posted. I click on it and I can see the entire post or go to the site. How cool is that?

So I went to a the Seattle Bead Society bead show last weekend and got these lovely beads made by Cynthia Troops and Dan Adams. He makes the glass beads and then she puts the enamel on...aren't they wonderful? I got their late on the last day and you should have seen the other ones that had already been sold. To quote styalist Rachel Zoe..."I die". I sometimes get sucked into crazy reality shows...sometimes just because I can't believe people really behave that way. BUT I got to see some great stores with vintage dresses and lots of pretty accessories. So not a total waste of time.

When I returned from the bead show I found this little guy...isn't he cute? So what is a mom to do? I have got to be more specific when I leave the house for an extended period of time or who knows what I might find. I do think Jeff might be at his max capacity for pets, but I have made it perfectly clear that we are not getting a pygmy goat. I thought I was pretty clear about the bunny, but obviously not. Lucky for everyone he is soooo cute.

So here is the chicken house Jeff built...I think their original plans where to make it rather "barnish" and paint it red, but that was not my vision. I think it turned out now the chickens have a home with a nice dry run. Never mind there was a trip to the emergency room for the builder. I tell you things can be pretty comical around here.

Here are my we wait for eggs...just a couple more months. Can't wait to see Lilly's blue eggs.

I am sorry this post is all over the map...but I have started teaching at another local bead store and gearing up for Art & Soul in Portland and have had no time to blog and I hate to say that I probably won't be back for a couple weeks.

So wishing you peace for now.


edina said...

What a sweet bunny face! Looking forward to seeing you next week. :)

Allegra Smith said...

Good to see everything at once, LOL!
Here we are still in the middle of the mess, the original builder went missing toward the end of the job, after he was paid of course, so we found someone reliable and hopefully part of the mess will be done by the end of this coming week.

Looking forward to seeing you in October, take care and I love the menagerie, btw.

Maija said...

OMG! You are so funny Lisa!!

Cindy Dean said...

Hey Lisa! Love the bunny...too cute. See you next week in Portland!

taylor said...

Maybe you will come home to a pot bellied pig after Art and Soul.

Heidi Kaisand said...

Thanks for the blogline tip!

Dawn said...

Hey, Lisa! Thanks so much for giving that trade packet to Edina for me...I appreciate it! I totally forgot about it and it's SO cool of you to hold on to it all that time for me...