Monday, June 02, 2008

My first love was fabric!

Outside of drawing as a child...sewing was my first love. One of my very first jobs was working at House of Fabric, and I guess one could say it was the start of my fabric collection.

I have a closet full of fabric, and unfortunately not enough time to devote to sewing as I would like, but I still keep buying more fabric. I always smile when the sales person so kindly asks..."What are you going to make?" "Hmmm...I don't know, but it sure is pretty" a moth to flame. Funny how most people that work at a fabric stores smile and understand. For they too have a closet full of fabric.

This market bag is made from a pattern by the lovely Renee Plains. It is for my sweet petunia and so I used some of her favorite colors. Perfect for carrying her markers, coloring books, paper and books don't you think?

Don't you love this frame...all chippy and worn? I put a cork board in the center and added it to the studio wall. My new inspiration board. I purchased it along with many other goodies at the Barn House sale. I arrived to the event later in the afternoon, but still managed to get some goodies at great prices. So definitely an even to check out.

Monday is studio day for me, and I am off to work at my bench. Have a happy Monday!


Jen Gabaldon said...

That is a beautiful bag :) Those are my favorite colors too! I hope you had a good studio day :)


Shari said...

That's such a lovely bag, Lisa! You did a wonderful job. Man, I'm dying to go to the Barn House one day... It looks like such a great place. Hugs, Shari

Maija said...

Great bag, Lisa! You are so multi-talented! I have some of Reness's patterns, but I'm afraid to start them! I stopped sewing when I was 12. I can put thread in the needle and do the bobbin, but that's it!
Did I tell you I'm going to the ArtNest???

Renee said...

I love your bag . . . . your sweet petunia will surely love using it to carry her treasures! You are so funny - I haven't heard "like a moth to flame" for a very long time - you used it so profoundly too! xoxx, Renée

taylor said...

Love the bag. Funny, I just wrote about my love for sewing on my blog and hadn't yet read (red- hee hee) yours. Maybe we need a fabric weekend where we try to use as much of our fabric as possible in positive ways. (Oh I guess that might be Art Fiber Fest) Were you one of the people who got the cool pink and orange dotted fabric at the first Art Fiber Fest? Taylor

Suzanne Reynolds said...

Hi Lisa; I missed the Barn House sale. Darn! Nice bag! Yes, that nagging fabric addiction, I know it well. Hope to run in to you one of these days...maybe at the PS Bead Festival?

Amanda Elton said...

Hi Lisa! Thanks for the salutations last week--I had so many nice art nest friends send me notes! What are you up to lately? I wish I had a studio day! And that Barn House thing looks so COOL! Is it around all the time? Utah is so lame with stuff like that.... have a great day!