Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My new girls...

Summer is here and I often find myself wondering where has all my time gone? I have every intention of posting, but some how these long summer days are packed with projects and small adventures. Aren't my new girls cute...Lilly, Penny, Poppy, and Rosie. Now how I became a new mama chick is something of a mystery.

I think the chicken "craze" began at the Barn House antique sale set in a darling barn. I had both my darling petunia's with me and I told them they each could select an item from the sale. Lauren decided a big sea shell and Lindsey came back to saying. "I would like a chicken mama." Well of course that is not what I meant and we went home. Jeff and Lindsey then decided maybe a chicken would be a great idea...She had to do the research and then we would see. Well now we have chicks and hopefully in 5 months we'll have eggs.

Here is a little frame I purchased from the Farm Chicks event...put in a little fabric and nails to hang some necklaces for my Art & Soul vendor table. I purchased some other goodies, but I'll have to share those another time. And my favorite purchase was this bag from Barij...her stuff is gorgeous.

I'll leave you with some pictures from my garden...summer flowers always make me happy.

Monday, June 02, 2008

My first love was fabric!

Outside of drawing as a child...sewing was my first love. One of my very first jobs was working at House of Fabric, and I guess one could say it was the start of my fabric collection.

I have a closet full of fabric, and unfortunately not enough time to devote to sewing as I would like, but I still keep buying more fabric. I always smile when the sales person so kindly asks..."What are you going to make?" "Hmmm...I don't know, but it sure is pretty" a moth to flame. Funny how most people that work at a fabric stores smile and understand. For they too have a closet full of fabric.

This market bag is made from a pattern by the lovely Renee Plains. It is for my sweet petunia and so I used some of her favorite colors. Perfect for carrying her markers, coloring books, paper and books don't you think?

Don't you love this frame...all chippy and worn? I put a cork board in the center and added it to the studio wall. My new inspiration board. I purchased it along with many other goodies at the Barn House sale. I arrived to the event later in the afternoon, but still managed to get some goodies at great prices. So definitely an even to check out.

Monday is studio day for me, and I am off to work at my bench. Have a happy Monday!