Saturday, April 19, 2008

Beading with Pearls

I was thrilled to participate in this publication and it should be available in book stores soon. If you like pearls there are a variety of projects from beginner to advanced.

We have been having crazy weather this actually snowed last night and I think we broke the records here in Washington for the latest snow fall. Last Saturday we were at 80 degrees and then the following Sunday we dropped down to low 40's. So from sandals to boots in one day. I am hoping our typical spring weather will return soon. I'll share some pictures later of our trip to the tulip festival...rain mixed with snow made for a short day, but I did manage to get some lovely pictures.

Wishing you all sunshine!

Sunday, April 13, 2008


I often wonder to myself why is ArtFest so special, and one of the consistent feelings is connection. Connecting with people on different an artist, a friend, a mom, a person. People who can all see the beauty in an old thingamajig. No judging...just a few days immersed in art and fun.

Pictures from the journaling party at the beach cabin. Just a peak outside this window shows the beauty we are surrounded by during the event. Lots of fun and laughter and a new friend Heather who was drawing the most amazing picture in her journal.

A day spent with my friend Renee in Nina's class Gatherings. Oh...she can be so productive even when we are chatting and laughing. Hopefully she will post some pictures of her fabulous project. Nina's class sample was an amazing visual feast for the eyes. The texture and poetry of her work is breathtaking. If you ever get a chance to take a class with Nina, you won't be disappointed.

Candice, Keecia, Nina, and Julie
Do you see our big smiles? Yes, a class that was full to the brim with inspiration. I met these wonderful women at "ArtNest". Such talented women who are kind and open.

I can't wait to finish this journal I created in Nina's class. I opted to make a journal instead of a portfolio and need to find some vintage chocolate brown velevet ribbon to finish this up.

This sweet doll is from the always lovely Katie Kendrick. I just love how Katie's faces have such feeling. She is sitting on my writing desk.

And this lovely strawberry was a gift from my talented friend Renee. Not only is she a great traveling companion, but she makes wonderful patterns and is a very talented artist.

How I wish I could squeeze more hours in the day at ArtFest. So many people who I only got to briefly say hello as we rush about...ah but there is next year and blogland to keep in touch!

The view from the ferry as I head home. It looks a little gray, but the sun was shinning and my mind just full of memories I will cherish.