Thursday, May 08, 2008

I'm late I'm late for a very important date....

This has been running through my head for days. I am just going to post a mish mash of what I have been up to. If you can't stand to read no further. There will be no editing on this post.

Below is a little jewelry box I created in a class with the talented Lisa Kaus. We had a lovely time in her home studio and everyone's creations were fabulous. I am going to put some little hooks or nails on the side and hang bracelets on the bottom tier too.

Here is the one nice day we had in was almost 80 degrees and I got my shorts and sandals out. Little did I know this would be the only nice day for a few weeks.

Then the "snain" began. Snain - snow mixed with rain. My girls came up with this word. As I kept repeating "it is rain mixed with snow" over and over again. We actually had more snow in April and I believe it was the latest it had ever snowed here. Mama was not a happy camper.

We headed off to the tulip festival as it got warmer, but let me tell you it was cold and those little drops on the tulips are not dew drops.

I was not about to let the weather hamper my plans to go to glass beach. Thanks to Nina who gave me tips on finding glass beach in Port Townsend. My daughter and I put on our running shoes and I loaded up on food and water to make the trek. It took us about an hour and 45 minutes to reach what seemed like an endless destination. We also couldn't resist bending over to pick up every little piece of glass and rock on the way. The return trip seemed a lot longer and even my little cross country runner was tuckered. She was carrying a pretty heavy pack(against my instructions), but they have to learn. I ended up carrying it the last hour and honestly I am surprised she lasted that long. It was HEAVY.

On our return we found this little broken egg. The most beautiful shade of blue...we placed it gently back, but now I wish I had kept a little piece.

Trip to the butterfly house at the Seattle Science Center...I got quite a few pictures before my battery died...but here is one for you today.

Now how can I leave you without a shot of shoes? The snaining has stopped and it has been nice enough to wear these once. It was a little cold, but the sun was out and I thought it might be my last chance for a while.

If you have a little sun to spare send it to Washington! Wishing you a peace and joy.


edina said...

Your jewelry box is FABULOUS - just adore it! Sounds like you've had some good times and taken some beautiful photos despite the weather. Love those fun sandals, too. Are you going to share the location of glass beach in PT or is it a secret spot? :)

Shari said...

What a wonderful collection of photos and outings, Lisa... despite the weather. You KNOW I'm sending a slice of sun straight to you. A girl's gotta' wear super-fabulous sandals more than once a month, for Pete's sake!! Hugs, Shari

katie said...

oh, i loved seeing the adventure you and your girls have been up to - and hearing about "snain" - yes, i'm familiar with that! i know which beach you walked - it sounds like you all found some treasures too (i can actually hear your voice giving instructions to your daughter not to carry too much :-)
beautiful photos, lovely post, lovely you! xo

Taylor said...

I have plenty of sun and warmth for you. How should I send it?