Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What's on your Ipod?

So Jeff wanted to use my Ipod the other day while he was going to work out on his bike. I probably should have warned him that most of the songs are kind of mellow. Well after his work out he handed me my Ipod saying "none" of the music was upbeat. Can't imagine how he wasn't inpired to bike faster by the music from Pride and Prejudice.

I don't really workout to my Ipod...but after his comment I thought I would add some less dramatic music and this song makes me laugh and bop around the house like a school girl. My 12 year old didn't know what to think of this music...her eyes were wide like I had really lost my mind this time. Who doesn't like "The Love Shack"?

Monday, August 25, 2008

Finally back to blogging!

Summer is a crazy time around here. I have a camera card full of images to share, but just a few at a time for I have much to do now that summer is almost over and deadlines are looming.

I returned from a wonderful family will notice a ton of old faded rusty parts. My card was filled to the brim and most where close ups of items with great patina. Most people I am sure were wondering what on earth is that girl taking pictures of? I was up close and personal with rust. If you are reading probably understand.

There were many local towns with lots of rusty old equipment and memorabilia from years ago. Sad actually how things have changed in some of our farming communities in Eastern Washington. I love apple orchards! Not sure if it is the color or symmetry I am drawn to, but I would love an orchard. Then I could be a really farm girl. I'll have to share my chicken pictures another time for my little chicks are almost full grown now. Just like my girls...all too fast.

Here is one of the old town museums...actual buildings that exist in a practical ghost town.