Sunday, August 26, 2007

I have just returned from Glacier National Park. We had a wonderful family vacation to end our summer break before the girls return to school. How I wish we could have spent more time exploring Montana. Perhaps next summer we will head to Yellowstone. I will share with you a few of the gorgeous views...this is just the tip of the iceberg on photos because around every corner was a beautful view.

We started our family adventure in Idaho and the mission pictured here is the oldest building in Idaho built in 1850...the inside was amazing. Set in the mountains among peaceful.

We met these mountain goats on one of our hikes at Glacier. They would just wonder over the trail not bothered by people invading their territory.

Who didn't want a horse as a child? Both of my girls and I love horses and perhaps one day they will own a ranch (along with many other animals) and I can come visit and be a "cowgirl". Here is my sweet petunia on her big trail ride. This is her first time on a real horse...not a pony and it was a thrill for her. I was the proud mom watching her march right up to that big horse. This was truly a highlight for her.

I hope you all are enjoying these last few weeks of summer.


edina said...

So beautiful - sounds like a great vacation! I love the photo of those goats. :)

minnie said...

lisa, wonderful way to summerize an incredible summer...especially love your husband rowing to bliss... very beautiful p.s. the paris to the moon parking lot sale was crazy...there were a couple of woman artists that were giving 1.00 grap bags, that had treasures that would rip your socks off...i wasn't expecting should ctc owner to put your jewelry in their store...

Candice Elton said...

So sad to let go of those summer days....yet excited to have some order to my life, and my art. Your family vacation looks wonderful. I love looking at those goats, and your wonderful blog. Have you altered your doll for Fiber Fest yet??? any ideas? mine just stares at me from a corner of my studio.