Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The following is a paragraph from "Foolsgold" Making Something From Nothing" that really struck a chord with me....

"When I was finishing a degree in art and writing, my friend Jim Karman suggested I be like the water buffalo. To ford a river without getting stuck, the water buffalo needs only to keep the slightest motion forward. If it stops entirely it gets stuck in the bottom mud."

So for now I will be like the water buffalo and try and keep moving forward. Here is a picture of a piece I finished last week. I use these colors a lot in my work, and I never tire of them. They remind me of the blue blue tropical water.

I created some new pieces with vintage charms I have been collecting for a while now and hope to post some more pictures soon.

Last week we had family photos in Seattle at the locks...so here are the two best things I ever made....

Remeber the lips
where the wind-breath originated,
and let your note be clear.
Don't try to end it.
Be your note...
Sing loud! Rumi

(sneaking in another quote from the book! I just love this one too!)


Shari Beaubien said...

I like your water buffalo analogy, Lisa. That's a perfect way to look at it when life seems to hold us back. Hugs, Shari

Lisa Kaus said...

Hi Lisa- I hope you are enjoying your dolly- thank you so much! I see you are doing art and soul- I will be there at vendor night so I will make a point to stop by---
thanks a bunch