Thursday, April 19, 2007

Looks like image import is working now....I will do Hawaii today and ArtFest in the next post. Notice how I didn't promise tomorrow. Trying to keep my promises and not feel the blog guilt.

So here we go...Hawaii. I am a sunshine kind of gal. I am just happy when the sun is out. Here we are the first morning off to scout out the location. Most of the time the girls were bent over picking up gifts for me. Oh...did you notice my toe ring. We were walking one day and my husband spied toe rings and thought that our oldest is a toe ring kind of gal. Now my husband is not a shopper so when he stops to shop, we all stop. So she tried it on and it was sooooo cute on those little piggies. I then thought...I need one. My husband smiled and said, "You are not a toe ring kind of gal." Hmmm, I really really want to be the toe ring kind of girl. So here you see me sporting my new toe ring. Now you may be wondering what is a toe ring kind of girl, and I am not really sure...but to me a free spirit, do what you will, jump first think second, wild kind of girl that's is what I want to be.

I spend time traveling to art retreats without my family and the event is always kind of bitter sweet. I love attending the retreats, but each night I am just missing them a little, and at the end of the retreat I am rushing to get home. This vacation was so different. Granted they are older so makes traveling so much easier, but we tried to keep it very low key and relaxing and it was. We met so many people that just vacationed in Hawaii once and then decided to move there...oh to just pick up and move without a thought. It is truly a beautiful place.

Sorry for the rambling thoughts...but now that I am working again my mind is groggy from all this computer work.

Here is the mermaid lagoon for our little collage.

I hope you enjoy the photos


taylor said...

Poor thing... no comments yet. I love your Hawaii stuff and how your girls are planning a hawaii collage. Make sure you show us it.

Shari Beaubien said...

I just had a moment to catch up on a few of my favorite blogs. Your Hawaii photos make me long to be there. Oh, I'd KILL to escape right now. And please, PLEASE promise to post the mermaid collage when it's ready! Hugs, Shari

Renee said...

LOVE the photos and what pretty toes you have! can't wait for the mermaid collage!
xoxx, Renée