Saturday, April 28, 2007

ArtFest is one of my favorite retreats, and I am sorry it has taken me this long to post. So here is a brief overview of the whole shebang. The new banner is just a small piece of the big project I was working on in Anahata's class, Funky Wallpaper People. I struggle with working large and thought this would be a great opportunity to experiment. I kept wanting to cut this in half and do two instead of one, but I did continue on. So...when I get back to this, I hope to have a ton of flowers in the upper section, kind of a secret garden with a house etc. But as you can see by the first image, I can use some of it as background for my banner.

I also took adorable Misty Mawn, a sweet, quiet, soul with a smile that eludes to a secret sense of humor she only shares in small groups. She was amazing to watch and a great teacher. Now this project too is in progress. Imagine a sepia toned tree in the center panel with a bird or two and branches that stretch into each of the panels and then my other daughter on the far right. My daughter on the left still needs some arms etc.

I also took Nina on the last day...I love her southern accent and sense of humor. I am always a little tired on the last day and wanted to just have fun and chat. So jewelry is my comfort is my bracelet. The beach is a pretty constant theme in my jewelry. If I can't be at the beach, at least I can wear the beach.

Vendor night is a huge event at ArtFest and here are some of the goodies I managed to get...
Box by Misty Mawn. I collect boxes...big, small, metal, wood. It doesn't matter I just love boxes. This was beautiful and a box. How could I not get it?

I bought a few of Amy Hanna's jewels. I had tried to get some of her items online, but was never quick enough. So when I heard she would be vending I knew I was going to her table first. Now I originally only planned on getting a necklace and pair of earrings, but after being at the table for 10 seconds it was swarmed and I was slowly pushed into the table. I just decided to buy what I had in my hands and leave before being trampled.

I purchased this sweet face from the delightful Katie Kendrick. It just made me smile.

Last but not least, a gift from Minnie. I met her at previous ArtFest and she made this little necklace just for me. ArtFest has always brought me new friends that are so different, but love making art. I think gathering all these creative people in one place just feels comfortable. No one questions you when you pick up that rusty bolt...they get it.


Tara Ross Studios said...

thank you for sharing, what a nice post! Love the photos!

oldflowers4me said...

oh my ,the jewellery you brought from amy is divine- you lucky girl.

misty said...

aw, thank you. ;-) you are so sweet and I am so glad that you were in my class. I will be off in just a few days to do it all again....yikes!

Your pictures from Hawaii are so truly looks like heaven on earth.

katie said...

i so enjoyed reading about your artfest experience and seeing all the lovely 'goodies' you came home with after vendor night. and going to Hawaii after that...sounds like heaven to me.

Shari Beaubien said...

Aaahh, Lisa! I feel blessed to have been able to see these items (and YOU!) in person!! Hugs, Shari

Carla Sonheim said...

Hi Lisa! I love your AF works in progress... yay!

One Crabapple said...

Wow ! you had really good workshops at ArTFEST !

Heyyyy, I was at ARTFEST ! Wish I had met you.

I was pretty much a hermit tho I admit. I did not meet many people ! we stayed off campus....I was so tired after classes I just wanted peace and quiet and GOOD FOOD (laughing)

minnie said...

hi lisa, ...i just found your little card with your blog address...and i have been so enjoying reading your blog, and to my surprise found the little necklace i gave you, how sweet, thank you....i finally have a blog and am enjoying it so much...yours is wonderful....stop by and see my italy house, i went to italy in may, and fell in love with the colorful houses and came home and painted mine the would have to ck older blogs. will i see you at artfest, and i cant believe you were in l.a. in tracies class....i found out about it to late, i was so upset. xxoo minnie