Thursday, October 11, 2007

Art & Soul

A&S was wonderful. My students were great and I was so proud of all that they accomplished. Seeing their projects and pride as they jingled their charm bracelets was a highlight and why I teach. To see the enthusiasm for what I love from my students gives me an energy that I can’t describe, but try to maintain once I return home. This little tray was part of the kit preparation...I am not sure how many jump rings I made, assembled and counted, but definitely helped keep the classes running. Glenny and Cindy work endlessly to make this a wonderful event for everyone.

Art retreats allow us to connect with other people that understand your excitement for a cool tool or technique. They may not like your style, but can appreciate your work. It is such a safe and encouraging environment. I was fortunate to room with Katie Kendrick...the most honest, open and kind person. I really enjoyed our late night chats. Here is one of the many lovely paintings she created.

I also got to spend some time with my dear friend Shari, and one of these days I hope we can visit when both of us are not so sleep deprived. I think we spent half the laughing at nothing. Seeing students from my class last year and making new friends is just part of all the fun that happens.

I was so busy running around that I didn’t take one photo....How did this happen? If you were in on of my classes and happened to take a photo, I would love to see it.

Vendor night was a thrill...seeing the art work of artists in person is always so wonderful. Pictures just can't convey the beauty like holding one of Nina's pieces in your hand. I would love to buy every piece as each one is so lovely.

I’ll leave you with this lovely painting I purchased from the ever talented Misty.


Shari Beaubien said...

That's the sheer joy of being with you, sweet Lisa! There doesn't have to be anything there for us to laugh!! I miss you terribly. And yes, where are the photos!?!? I'm just as guilty. Hugs, Shari

Tracie Lyn Huskamp said...

Lisa.. I WAS SUPER to see you... A&S was INCREDIBLE!!!

and I am looking forward to hugging your neck AGAIN at AFF.... NEXT WEEK.. YIKES!


Renee said...

Charm bracelets jingling, kits with jump rings, laughing with friends at nothing, vendor night - sounds like it was soooo much fun! Wish I could have been there! xoxx, Renée

misty said...

you are one of the sweetest people I know. I adore you! As always it was so nice to see you again!
Thank you again for buying my work! :-) xoxo

Deryn Mentock said...

Hey Lisa! It took me awhile to find your blog but I finally did. I wanted to tell you it was great to meet you at Art & Soul!