Sunday, June 18, 2006

Yes...I have finally started a blog. You may be wondering why I called it "My Sweet Petunia", and I can only say that each night I tuck in my youngest daughter and say, "Goodnight my sweet petunia." To which she replies, "I am not a petunia mama...I am a kitty!". I smile and think to myself...oh to be 4. I love flowers, but petunia fits her. A petunia is colorful, petite, and can grow anywhere...just like her.


edina said...

Hi Lisa, thought I'd pop in and say hello. I finally got some photos posted on my blog from AFF including one of your two bracelets if you want to see (sorry my camera cannot do them justice though) Talk to you soon!

Marina Vazzana said...

How cute is that. I love that age. Love your blog...I'll be back.